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Talking about fishing in Spain is talking about fishing in the Aragón Sea, thanks to the variety of species that live here and the quality of the catch, not forgetting the excellent facilities that Camping Lake Caspe offers the fishermen and their families.

Black Bass “Micropterus salmoides”

They are being fished on boats and are a reference point for everyone. The Aragón Sea hosts one of the biggest populations of Europe and the catch is of outstanding quality, easily exceeding 2 kg.

The best areas are at the middle-lower part of the reservoir, close to the campsite. They can be caught all year round, although we will get the best results during spring and autumn. They are being fished exclusively with artificial bait.

Zander “Stizostedion lucioperca”

In few years they have reached unsuspected sizes. They are very abundant and highly valued for their exquisit taste.

Same as the silurids, they live all over the reservoir. We can get the best results between March and May and especially between September and October. There have been catches of over 10 kg.

Fishing techniques used are mainly the “Drachkovitch’ system and artificial bait. Although they can also be caught at the shores, we will surely get better results by fishing on the boat.

Perch “Perca fluviatilis”

For years now, the European perch has been at home here in Lake Caspe.

Due to the great amount of nourishment that the river Ebro (Aragón Sea) carries, perch numbers increase year after year. It shares the habitat with the zander and black bass. Examples of up to 60cm. are regularly caught. Whatever the bait used, this aggressive predator can bite at any moment. It is a fascinating species for fishing given that it is as widespread as the zander and almost as combative as the black bass.

The best seasons for fishing are spring (March and April) and autumn (from September to November).


Carp “Cyprinus Carpio”

It is the most representative cyprinid of these waters, where it has found an excellent habitat for its reproduction. The medium-size specimens are the most abundant ones. Since they like to be close to the shore, they are highly sought after in fishing competitions.

The Aragón Sea hosts another big treasure for cyprinid-anglers: the big carps that exceed 20 Kg. The carpfishing anglers have found their own paradise in this reservoir.

The best time for catching carps is between May and October.

Wels Catfish “Silurus Glanis”

These giants of over 100 kg, are a great challenge for the angler. Up to now it has been a privilege for the sea fishermen.

Catching a silurid of more than 2 metres is an unforgettable and exciting experience that will ‘catch’ the fisherman forever.

They can be caught either from the shore or from the boat and they live all over the reservoir. The best time for catching them is between March and October. Catching techniques have evolved a lot throughout the last years.


At Lake Caspe children (< age 12) do not pay. Their stay is free of charge, both in a FAMILY BUNGALOW and in CAMPING, for the entire season. (Not valid for discount cards of clubs / Cannot be combined with offers).


Lake Caspe is an inland camping site but with marine tradition.


Black Bass. Exciting


Zander. Abundant


Carp. Classic


Wels Catfish. Grand


Perch. Unforeseeable