Fishing Boats

In the marina, Lake Caspe offers the customers an excellent fleet of rental-boats which are very suitable for fishing.

Due to their expertise and experience in the nautical world they are a company that offers biggest and best guarantees in motorboat-rentals.

Without leaving the campsite the customer can rent the boat that adjusts to his needs.  Thanks to the marina facilities and, above all, to careful service and attention, the customers of Lake Caspe only have to concentrate on fishing.

This is an exclusive service for Lake Caspe customers.  After booking accommodation, the customer can request the rental of a fishing boat; we will contact the customer shortly thereafter to specify the details of the service, and on the customer’s arrival, the boat will be available in the port at the arranged time.

If the customer wants to rent a boat must complete the following form and mark the send key.  On arrival at the campsite the customer has prepared the ship in the port request.


¡¡ This is an exclusive service for clients of Lake Caspe !!


  • 4 Seats
  • Aluminium boat
  • Length 4 m
  • 15 HP Motor (no licence needed to operate)
  • Central console with steering wheel
  • Electric starter
  • Anchor
  • Anglers 2
  • Life jackets
  • Map of the Sea of Aragon


Days Price period Price per day
 1 Day 120  € 120  €/Day
 2 Days 210  €  105 €/Day
 3 Days 285  €   95  €/Day
 4 Days 380  €   95  €/Day
 5 Days 475 €   95  €/Day
 6 Days 570  €   95  €/Day
 7 Days 595  €   85  €/Day
 8 Days 680  €   85  €/Day
 9 Days 765  €   85  €/Day
10 Days 850  €   85  €/Day
11 Days 935  €   85  €/Day

Form  1.  Fishing Boat Application

    If you reserved a plot or bungalow, please enter your reservation-data.


    First rental day

    Last rental day

    Number of people


    Total number of rental days:


    Send a form for each boat you want to rent



    At Lake Caspe children (< age 12) do not pay. Their stay is free of charge, both in a FAMILY BUNGALOW and in CAMPING, for the entire season. (Not valid for discount cards of clubs / Cannot be combined with offers).


    Lake Caspe is an inland camping site but with marine tradition.