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The Aragón Sea, Reservoir of Mequinenza, was formed through the construction of a dam of the same name in the bed of the Ebro river. This large inland sea extends from Mequinenza to Escatrón.

The Aragón Sea hosts another great treasure in its waters: a wide array of fish species that is unique in Europe. The abundance of catches and, above all, their size, makes it a mandatory destination for fishing-fans from all over the world.

The Sea of Aragon. Fishing Paradise.

The maximum volume of this great reservoir is of 1,530 hm3, which is remarkable yet not as impressive as the rest of the digits:

  • Maximum length: 110 km.
  • Average width: 600 m.
  • Maximum depth: 61 m.


The lake can reach a maximum of 121,5 m above sea-level. That’s when it reaches its most impressive parameters.

  • The lake has a aproximately 550 km of shore
  • And a 7.540 hectare surface.


Within an average utilization, the lake doesn’t descend below 112, although in exceptional occasions it may descend to 90.

The average water temperature is of 16ºC, with a low of 11ºC in February and a high of 23ºC in August.

Data explaining why Lake Caspe, on the shores of the Aragón Sea, is considered a true fishing paradise.